A lot of new content happened in 2017, but at the moment you can’t be privy to half of it because there’s nothing published to look at. I am extremely sorry. On the bright side, though, there were a lot of nice reprints and things, and I will note those here.

  • The Magician’s Apprentice, first published in Weird Tales in 2013, enjoyed a reprint in Lightspeed #88, a magazine I’m very fond of! Considering I wrote the story during my third week of Clarion at a time when I was eating nothing but breakfast cereals, it holds up well for having been fuelled entirely by Coco Puffs and Greg Bossert’s coffee.
  • The Woman in the Hill got a reprint in Nightmare #63 right at the end of the year, nearly at the same time as it got featured in —
  •  Dear Reader, Run Away Now, Tor’s Lovecraft reread, and garnered me an extremely nice analysis via Ruthanna Emrys and Anne M. Pillsworth (cor). It’s so nice to have a deep read by Lovecraft fans of this stature, and it’s even nicer when the things you tried to do are acknowledged and explored in much more intelligent ways than you could have said them if trying to talk about them. I can’t recommend The Lovecraft Reread enough.

Not a bad round-up considering I published precisely zero things last year. I will be doing my damndest to get back on the short-fiction horse in 2018, though, so watch this space.